The lyric "I said the hell with corporate America" from Wes Paul's single A Good Day has been the foundation for his musical journey. For several years he had given in to pressures, making a living behind the corporate desk before eventually pulling the plug, walking away from a comfortable career and deciding to pursue his passion full time. 

"Conventional wisdom leads us to take the safe route, spending the majority of our lifetimes saving for a retirement we'll (hopefully) get to enjoy later.  The word retirement itself always seemed to me to imply walking away from something you would have rather not been doing so you can start to really enjoy life. That never made sense to me.  I'm young now and I want to get the most out the short time I have on the Earth.  I believe that if a person is passionate about something, they'll find a way to continue doing it until the day they die. They won't need to retire."

Since leaving the corporate world Wes has worked with some of the top musicians in Austin and released an EP that has been played on a few local radio stations.

Big plans are on the horizon as he begins organizing material for a new album.





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